Peter Ratcliffe  - Hypnotherapy & 

 Theta Healing Practitioner 

Assistance with Phobia, Insomnia, Anxiety, Addiction, Trauma, PTSD are all passions of mine and I love the results gained from using Hypnotherapy and/or the "Rewind Technique" and "Theta Healing". 

I love the support received in the Nelson Tasman region and connecting with so many amazing people.  

Peter Ratcliffe Clinics Nelson - Motueka and wider Tasman region.

For assistance with Trauma, Theta Way to Weight Loss/ Control, Stress Reduction, Fear and Anxiety Issues, Sleep Improvement, (Insomnia) Depression, Phobias, Addictions and Trauma Reduction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder assistance. Manifesting Abundance and so much more. Yes freeing yourself from cigarette/ smoking addiction due to popular demand.

Regression Hypnotherapy Therapy Sessions have increased over recent times. This work is so rewarding with the client using their subconscious to take them back to an experience in their life; that may have been the precursor of to the current life issue. This makes it so much quicker and simpler for us to reframe and resolve the issue. Awareness is often the biggest release to healing an issue forgotten, repressed or unresolved.  

Soul Timeline Journeys Past Life Regression Sessions are available for those that choose to pursue that option. That leap sometimes arises automatically during regression sessions. My experience confirms no fear required.  Opening ourselves to new possibilities and answers to our current behaviors and repetitive life patterns; allows us to release and break the cycle.

Rewiring automated responses historically imprinted in your subconsciousSynapse rewiring

Theta Healing . Why do I so believe in Theta Healing? The intensive "Theta Healing" training courses attended push me to deal with my own issues. My own and those gifted (rightly/or wrongly) by my family, teachers, friends, peers and ancestors.

Only through that intimate understanding can I best assist others and know the preferred route towards making positive change. I believe I can relate to my clients but would never pretend that I have walked your path.

HNZDCH (Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy) 

PMHNZ (Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand)

Certified Rewind Technique Practitioner - Tasman - Nelson - Takaka

Certified Theta Healing Practitioner - Motueka - Richmond - Nelson - Mapua

If Business, clients, staff, bankers or market relationships aren't flowing for you as expected or wished! Let's take a look at some belief systems that you may have inherited and be totally unaware of. 

Business blocks, financial struggles, cash flow, poor staff retention, client relationships issues. Let's also look at ways to simplify separations and the parting of ways when those are required.

Peter Ratcliffe - Theta Healing Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Life Learning Student. Based Nelson, New Zealand. Regularly Sunshine Coast, Australia also. Noosa  soon to visit my sons and grandson. So looking forward to that and catching up with my beautiful daughter in law.  

The last twelve months has been focused upon how I can best support my clients with additional tools to assist with recovery. Topical Magnesium Oils have supported me greatly over the last decade. Forty plus trial batches have lead to some great proven products that are being released under the "Arohanui Elements" label. 

Limited editions include Nelson, Riwaka and Moutere Hops.

"Arohanui Elements" Magnesium Oil Plus +

Supporting Nelson and Tasman regions. Proudly a Kiwi living in and supporting New Zealand along with so many other imports.

Sunshine Coast, Australia regularly and global contact via Skype, Zoom or whatever platform you prefer.