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I'm actually doing very well. I haven't had any panic attacks since seeing you.   

And my partner felt very unwell one night (wasn't actually sick though) which would usually be enough to set me off. I was worried but no anxiety was very calm. It was very strange haha but so so awesome! Tamara.

'Peters assistance with hypnosis, theta healing and general advice has played a significant role on my healing path. His hypnosis audios have really helped with calming my nervous system and dysfunctional thoughts and mental states, which in turn has helped in working to overcome difficult and anxiety provoking situations. Most interesting were his theta healing sessions, although initially a little unsure about trying theta healing I am most glad to have done so as this had a profound impact on problematic emotional areas by helping to clear deep emotional blockages. Peter shows a great deal of sincerity and breadth of knowledge, particularly in his ability to relate with clients through his own personal experience and his willingness to share helpful and relevant information, such as books by Bruce Lipton. He offers a genuine and insightful holistic approach towards healing, with the added bonus of a great sense of humor. I would definitely recommend Peter to anyone looking to heal and make positive change in their lives.' Nicki.

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