Peter Ratcliffe   

 Theta & Hypnotherapy Practitioner 


Peter Ratcliffe - Hypnotherapy - Theta Healing practitioner. Nelson and Tasman based clinics.

Ironically; we are all born with basically a clean slate. 

Some Family DNA and history coming forward; our in Utero experience setting the scene for post birth beliefs and behaviour. Laying calmly in that Crib/ Basinet/ Cot/ Wahakura; happily belly breathing calmly between feeding requirements and with just our need for loving touch and nurture.

From that day forward however, we manage to assimilate positive, calm or negative reactions to all experiences encountered using our five or more senses. Some being Sound, Sight, Smell, Taste and Touch.

Everything encountered positively or calmly will generally be held within our sub conscious as something to treasure and allow a positive feeling and reaction. All good for your life going forward and positive outcomes!

Feeling confident and in control of our direction in every way.

But we have all experienced some negative or somewhat scary encounters that may have impacted our ability to enjoy our life positively and fully both now and in the future. 

We may not be aware of many of those. Our Sub Conscious Mind never sleeps even if we do. Even under anaesthetic, in a drugged or alcohol induced state our mind records what happened. Going forward we may react to those forgotten or missed moments; without understanding why.

An Emotion held long enough becomes a Mood; that Mood held long enough morphs into a Temperament that soon becomes a Personality Trait 

This is where Hypnotherapy and Theta Healing may be of assistance. Wherever positive change is required in your life remember that "Hypnosis Helps" and we are here to assist in that goal..

About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotic trance (Altered State of Awareness - Theta State) is something we all encounter on a daily basis. While driving, doing monotonous tasks or totally focussed upon something we are passionate about.

Up until age seven we are predominantly in the Theta State; which is why so many of our life patterns and belief systems are embedded at that early age.

Hypnotherapy for us as therapists is about helping and assisting our clients to achieve the goals they strive for. People who are serious about making change in their lives.

“Hypnosis Helps” by assisting our clients to:

·        Regain control of their lives by reducing or removing addictions

·        Regain control of their life by diminishing phobias, trauma and fears

·        Make a positive change within themselves and take that forward into their family and community

·        Retake control of their mind, their body and their life

Where appropriate options of the "Rewind Technique" and "Theta Healing" will be introduced with client permission.

Clinical studies have well proven that Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Trance  (work within the Theta state) do assist and support to make positive change happen and remain a reality in the long term.. 

Peter Ratcliffe - Hypnotherapist  has been trained by and enjoys the ongoing support of Hypnosis New Zealand.  A leading New Zealand trainer of Hypnotherapy. 

Peter is a certified Theta Healing Practitioner and this is becoming a larger component of clinic work; assisting individuals, families and small businesses reach their full potential.

HNZDCH     (Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy) 

PMHNZ (Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand)

Certified Rewind Technique Practitioner

Certified Theta Healing Practitioner

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