Peter Ratcliffe   

 Theta Healing Practitioner 


Peter Ratcliffe is a certified "Theta Healing Practitioner" now residing in Marlborough. Clinics include Picton, Blenheim and Nelson. 

The ThetaHealing® Technique allows simple replacement of negative programs by introducing more appropriate positive ones. All in the interest of improving a clients health and emotional well being; all with the approval of my client.

I love using this to guide clients toward major change in their lives within short time frames.  How can one really experience joy within their everyday life; if the feeling has never been truly understood, felt or encountered. 

ThetaHealing® allows the opportunity for you to become familiar with and accepting of feelings that you may never have been experienced; or even dreamed of. Then allowing those feelings to become part of your everyday life.


Changing and transforming belief patterns that could hold back our personal growth and happiness can be relatively easy; even those carried forward over generations.

With client permission: ThetaHealing® allows the practitioner to access the subconscious mind where all change happens. We create what our subconscious mind believes to be reality.  If we want a different life experience we must first change our beliefs to allow this new reality into our life.

The series on TV1; "DNA Detectives" is thankfully publicising the realities of what Ancestral DNA brings forward to each and every one of us; within our beliefs and our lives. I am so pleased to be part of a "Theta Healing" team that can ease and remove any pain associated with our own/ or ancestors traumatic times and events. 


Theta Healing Practitioner - NZ

Theta Healing New Zealand Practitioner

Peter Ratcliffe
Theta Healing Practitioner. Training completed includes Theta Basic, Theta Advanced, Theta Intuitive Anatomy, Theta Manifesting and Abundance. Theta World Relations and Theta DNA3 just completed in Sunshine Coast, Australia.